Cielito/Sycamore Cyn

Cielito sycamoreBehind the Riviera and between Mission Canyon and Montecito lies this neighborhood known for spacious lots and the utmost privacy. Drier, warmer weather gives this area what some describe as a Palm Springs feel, and those looking for a more secluded, remote dwelling with a more spacious lot than other areas of Santa Barbara might offer can find just that, with various types of homes available but mostly contemporary/modern builds from the midcentury. For around a million to $6 million, you can live what feels like a world apart, likely in a unique home that offers great value for your money.
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Being closer to the wilderness and farther from town is just right for residents here, who aren’t strangers to the dangers of wildfire but decide that’s okay given the beautiful natural areas surrounding them, like Rattlesnake Canyon Trail and Skofield and Parma parks. Wildlife, hiking, solitude: If these make you breathe a sigh of relief at the chance to escape a bit from our busy modern world, this unique area just north of Highway 192 is for you.

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