The Milpas corridor of Santa Barbara is a relatively affordable, diverse neighborhood, home to great food, local businesses, and many families. Officially known as the Eastside, it’s below the elevated Riviera and Montecito and right next to downtown. With prices ranging from around $600,000 to $1.5 million, it offers some attractive options for development and house flipping. Delicious and authentic Mexican food can be found at taco spots all along main drag Milpas Street; Los Agaves and La Super-Rica Taquería are very well known and popular, especially for dinner and weekend lunch, when long lines of locals and tourists are often waiting to enjoy all the tasty dishes they can smell being prepared.
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You’ll see a lot of pedestrians here on any day. Santa Barbara High School is at the top of the hill. The Municipal Tennis Courts can also be found here. For something new, check out The Shop Café. For something old-world familiar, try Arnoldi’s Café for Italian food and bocce ball tourneys. Many practical shops, services, and stores are here, too — they even have a Trader Joe’s! It’s toward the lower end of the main Milpas Street commercial hub in a shopping center with a drugstore and pet supply store, just before you come to a roundabout that can take you onto the bordering Highway 101 or, if you continue down Milpas, right to the beach.

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