montecitoOne of the most exclusive, wealthy, gorgeous neighborhoods to be found, well, anywhere, Montecito has a rich history and large private estates that attract those who could choose to live many places, but they choose to live here. Celebrities and others in the business have long sought it out for its closeness to L.A. (95 miles down the coast) yet spacious, luxurious living, often behind grand gates, high hedges, and mature trees. The enclave includes only eight square miles of tucked-away neighborhoods and mansions on land that gently slopes up away from the ocean.
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Many dwellings have views to the ocean, the mountains, or both; our proximity to both of these natural wonders is a reason the entire South Coast is so beloved. Living in Montecito may mean extravagant parties, exquisite dining, and all the privacy in the world when you retire to your abode, but it’s also about relaxed living by the beach. Recreation is always nearby, with three golf courses (two private), two private tennis clubs, beaches, and even a YMCA. Luxury spas and cute shops and restaurants, as well as grocery stores, banks, and the other necessities, can be found in two “villages.” Two outstanding public schools as well as private options, including Westmont College, are in Montecito, as well. Put simply, Montecito offers the best that money can buy.

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