San Roque

Saying that you live in San Roque to a Santa Barbaran implies that you’re doing very well, living the good life in this extremely desirable neighborhood of the Upper State Street area. It manages to have fairytale charm, a comfortable family feel, a historic grandness, and a casual coolness all at once. It’s nestled between main artery State Street and the Santa Barbara Foothills, meaning you are close to the Five Points Shopping Center, Loreto Plaza, and San Roque Plaza and the shopping, groceries, dining, and conveniences they offer, but in a quieter section of town popular with families and retirees.

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Stevens Park, starting here and stretching up into the hills, offers a huge outdoor recreation space. Along with higher price tags (think the million- and multi-million-dollar range) and uniquely beautiful builds come some of the most coveted schools in the area. English Tudors, ranches, Spanish homes, and more decorate the quaint streets of this neighborhood with an unmatched charm and flair.

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