The little coastal hillside community of Summerland, nestled between Carpinteria and Montecito, is a relaxed area with an artistic lean. Only about 1,500 reside here, enjoying the calm beach and overlooking park, many antique shops, and of course the ability to walk to just about any destination in the small town of sorts. Summerland has history as a ranch, oil hotbed, and place of industry, and later as a place for hippies, artists, and more. Today, all sizes of homes, estates, condos, and ranches are found here (with homes ranging from $700,000 to $1.3 million and estates and properties on the oceanfront starting at approximately $1.4 million and going up, up, up from there). The majority of these dwellings are on the side of a hill looking out toward the Pacific, so it’s a wealthier area — and has some somewhat steep streets leading down to a very small main drag with antique shops, some restaurants, a market, and so on. Some will enjoy visiting Summerland Winery; others will appreciate that Summerland even has an elementary school. Mainly, though, everyone enjoys its unique, quirky charm.

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