Upper State

upper stateGreat schools and beautiful family neighborhoods are found at Upper State, the area at the top on the “mountain” (as opposed to “ocean”) side of Santa Barbara’s historic main drag, State Street. This section of town is known for its very nice houses, displaying a variety of interesting architecture and often carefully manicured yards. Samarkand, Hitchcock, and especially San Roque are desirable neighborhoods to settle down in.
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It’s the quieter, more residential part of State Street, not the bustling bars, restaurants, and tourists of lower State, but there’s still a lot going on right nearby. Many businesses and banks are here along with the best restaurant you have yet to discover (a wide variety of dining, from the charming hole-in-the-wall to the chain franchise, is here). Five Points Shopping Center, Loreto Plaza, and San Roque Plaza offer conveniently close groceries and health food stores, restaurants and cafés, and local shops. Chaucer’s Books is a community treasure, as is Glenda’s Party Cove (for event supplies).

Locals know that this area has good schools: Peabody Elementary, Adams Elementary, Monte Vista Elementary, Hope Elementary, La Colina Junior High School, and Bishop Gargia Diego High School. They also know and visit this neck of the woods for fairs and events at Earl Warren Showgrounds, shopping at outdoor mall La Cumbre Plaza, enjoying the outdoors at Mackenzie Park, or a round at the Santa Barbara Golf Club.

You can live a comfortable family life at Upper State while still feeling like you’re at the heart of town.

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