Santa Barbara is often called “The American Riviera” for its balmy temperatures and coastal location. It’s always sunny in Santa Barbara, regardless of the season. Santa Barbara is not only a prime vacation destination with its endless beaches and plethora of resorts and attractions, it’s also full of arts and culture. Historic theaters adjacent to modern art galleries and cultural monuments ensure you’ll never be without something new to do or explore. Whether temporarily or permanently, we’ve got the tips you need to feel like a local.

Santa Barbara boasts a variety of neighborhoods to choose from, from quiet gated communities to bustling downtown blocks. With the area’s mixed geography, you can be minutes from the beach or the mountains, steps from downtown or wide open ranches, a bike ride or a leisurely walk from whatever suits you right now.

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We’ve got it all. We will cater to your taste buds and quench your deepest thirst. Whatever you’ve got a hankering for, you’ll find in this alluring locale. Some of the gold coast’s premier seafood restaurants live here in Santa Barbara, but our dining options far exceed the bounds of the ocean. Whether you’re a nut for the outdoors or treasure the comfort of four walls, Santa Barbara has infinite options to keep you captivated. Lose yourself amidst the wealth of water sports. Go exploring in the foothills. Shopping. Wine tasting. Art appreciating. There’s certainly something for you in this tourist mecca.

There’s never a dull moment in the great outdoors, and Santa Barbara has you covered. Miles of sandy beaches and acres of hiking trails await your footsteps! Head down to the harbor for all manner of watersports, beach volleyball, or simply relaxing in the sun. If you desire to get your heart pumping venture into the mountains, ride your bike up and down the coast, or saddle up on the polo fields. The geography here is endless and so are your chances for adventure!