Selling the Insites Way

The Intelligent Selling Experience with iNSITES – Our unique approach to listing showcases our team’s collective
talents. Our specialists are experts in local market analysis, staging and styling to sell, emerging technologies,
narrative-based target marketing, social media strategy, graphic design, and photography, with decades of real
estate experience.

Step 1: Informal meeting with iNSITES team to discuss client’s goals & needs

The first step in selling your home is for us to meet with you and discuss your goals for selling. We’ll establish the basics, like how best to reach you for future meetings, home showings, and so on. The iNSITES team will visit your home to discuss your goals and needs and the general state of the market. We’ll take a tour of your home and property to assess its current state. Understanding what we have to work with allows us to proceed with a price assessment and go from there.

Step 2: Internal team meeting to curate sales strategy

After meeting at your home, the iNSITES team will reconvene in the office to discuss the best strategy for selling your home. We brainstorm as a group to take advantage of each team member’s perspective and knowledge, with precision and efficiency in mind. We discuss the unique challenges and advantages presented by your home and craft a plan specific to it.

Step 3: Formal listing presentation / pricing suggestion

Next is market analysis to determine a price suggestion. We will meet with you again to discuss the analysis we have done on the market and reach an agreement on price. We’ll go over things like the ideal timing for marketing your home (considering seasons and more). With terms and pricing agreed upon, we sign the listing agreement and move forward.

Step 4: Specialist sent out to prepare home

Once the listing agreement is signed, we send iNSITES specialists to you in order to get your home ready for the market. We make notes and suggestions to enhance the overall look and feel of your home. This may include cosmetic adjustments, cleaning, home preparation, staging, enhancing current assets, or architectural adjustments if necessary.

Step 5: Execute marketing plan

We utilize current emerging technologies, narrative-based target marketing, and a specialized social media strategy to sell your home effectively. Our team approach allows us to always have someone available for your needs. Whether it’s showing your home or answering questions you may have, someone is always available.

Step 6: Analysis, adjustment & feedback

We use analytical programs to determine how effective our sales marketing strategy is in selling your home. Based on the results, we will adjust the strategy in order to be as effective as possible. Using this data, we give you weekly feedback on your home so that you are well informed about how the process is moving forward.

Step 7: Offer / negotiations

Once offers start to roll in, communication is key. We have a paperless approach that allows you to conduct transactions easily and at your convenience, wherever you may be. Our expert negotiation skills combined with our target marketing campaign allows us to get the best price for your home.

Step 8: Escrow & closing

Once the offer is accepted, escrow is open, and communication continues. We walk you through the steps of selling in terms of disclosure and more. We guide you through the selling process as a team, making sure that you are taken care of the whole way and even beyond the sale. Even when the transaction is complete, the relationship continues. We value fostering close ties to our clients and are here to help make the transition to your next home a smooth and happy one.